Photographs are used in almost all communication

I am René Asmussen and I own and run I am a photographer, author, freelance journalist, visual artist and graphic designer. I live by the beautiful Aarhus in Juthland, but I work all over Denmark. Amongst my employers are DR K, the County administration of Aarhus, Office Of Contemporary Art Denmark and Aros museum. Contact me about what I can do for your company or your project.

Photographs are used in almost all communication


Photographs are used in almost all communication, because it does not need further explanations. Everyone can perceive a picture and we are affected by the visual around us. If you need a revision of your visual profile, contact me for a chat! New pictures on your websites is a facelift for your company. I also photograph at events, concerts, film sets and such.

photograph by Rene Asmussen

Se flere billeder fra en sej fotograf her.

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